Air Line Filter / Pressure Regulator / Lubricator, 1/4"


Air Line Filter / Pressure Regulator / Lubricator, 1/4"

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This unit provides protection to connected pneumatic equipment in the form of pressure regulation, particle & condensate filtration, & internal lubrication.

Having a single product offering moisture and particle removal, pressure regulation, and lubrication in the form of a very fine oil mist, is the ultimate form of affordable protection for connected equipment such as pneumatic pumps.
When the unit is adjusted to deliver only a very small amount of lubricating oil, it coats the working components of the air motor in a thin layer of oil which aids smooth and trouble free operation, and also acts as double layer of protection against any moisture which gets through the water trap filter.
This combined unit is an excellent and economical means of protection against condensate, while also offering particle filtration, pressure regulation, and lubricating the connected equipment.

  • Best setup for protection of connected pneumatic equipment.
  • Reduces particle & condensate content in compressed air.
  • Provides lubrication to connected equipment (adjustable ratio).
  • Regulates air pressure supplied to equipment.
  • 1/4 inch Ports.
  • Includes Wall Mount Bracket.
  • Auto drain valve prevents build up of water in filter bowl.
  • Use MP10-OIL01 air tool oil to fill the lubricator reservoir.