Spill Containment Pallet, 2 drum


Spill Containment Pallet, 2 drum

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A full containment spill pallet to suit 2 drums, this exceeds the New Zealand regulation containment requirement for drums up to 220L.

Spill pallets provide a bund to contain spills from drums and other containers which are stored on them.
This spill pallet is molded from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and offers secondary containment for drums of oil, chemicals, and other compatible fluids.
To comply with spill containment regulations, the maximum permitted single drum or container capacity for this pallet is 220L.

  • Made entirely from HDPE ensuring compatibility with a wide range of fluid and chemicals.
  • Removable grate.
  • Nestable design allowing multiple units to be stacked together when not in use.


Item Type:  HDPE Full Containment Pallet
Tank Capacity:  Sump = 260L
Containment Type:  Secondary
Load Rating:  1136Kg
Dimensions (LxWxH):  1320x660x430mm
Item Weight:  21Kg