Explore our range of Oil Equipment

Advance Fluid Control has a vast range of the latest and best oil management, distribution and monitoring products. Below you’ll find everything from pumps to hoses. These products are used in our own sophisticated workshop installs, so you’ll get peace of mind in quality and ongoing expert support from our team.

What our Oil Equipment Is Used For

The management of oil within a workshop, automotive or large commercial applications is an essential part of a successful operation. Our range of equipment helps you dispense oil more efficiently and accurately, meaning a better, more cost effective process. Transferring oil around a workshop requires careful planning and reliable components. Our hoses, pumps and transfer equipment supports this function to be carried out properly, day in, day out. When it comes time to remove waste oil, we offer some of the most capable solutions available, with excellent drainers and waste oil pump options.

Advance Fluid Control – Oil Equipment