Explore our range of Waste Oil Equipment

Safely and cleanly removing excess waste oil isn’t just a responsibility of all workshops from an environmental standpoint - inefficient waste oil management costs time and money as well creating an unsightly mess. We have a great range of waste oil equipment to help keep your workshop compliant with regulations and improve your workshops efficiency.

What our Waste Oil Equipment Is Used For

While a good Fluid Management System helps to make oil dispensing efficient, any workshop will need to handle some degree of waste oil whether it’s old, removed or spilled. Advance Fluid Control has an extensive range of equipment for waste oil handling for both workshop and field-based applications, with options appropriate for all sizes of machinery. To manage the extraction, transfer and storage of waste oil. We supply clients nationwide with high quality waste oil systems, which include waste oil pump kits, waste oil drainers, waste oil basins and waste oil storage tanks. Our tank level alert systems are also popular to prevent overfilling of waste oil tanks.

Advance Fluid Control – Waste Oil Equipment.