Explore our range of Grease Equipment

With lubricant a central function of any workshop, it’s important you’ve got the right equipment for the job. We offer a range of grease products directly that we also use as part of our full installs. Advance Fluid Control only uses quality grease equipment, ensuring that your workshop or automotive operation continues to enjoy hassle-free lubrication management. See our range below:

What our Grease Equipment Is Used For

Grease within an industrial or automotive environment is often required in significant quantities every day. With high demand on fast grease distribution to operate, you should demand the best possible equipment for the job. Within our range we provide pumps to aid the distribution of grease around the workshop.  To ensure clean, unimpeded movement of grease we supply purpose designed hoses. For use of the grease within practical application, Advance Fluid Control supplies a range of excellent grease guns, single point lubricators and meters.

Advance Fluid Control – Grease Equipment