AFC High Flow Grease Transfer Pump, 12:1, 180/220Kg


AFC High Flow Grease Transfer Pump, 12:1, 180/220Kg

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A heavy duty grease pump for bulk grease transfer applications from 180/220kg drums.
Ideal for fast filling of large reservoirs on auto-greasing systems.

This heavy duty air operated grease transfer pump is used in systems for large quantity grease transfer applications such as filling grease reservoirs on heavy machinery or transferring between bulk grease containers.

  • Pneumatic pump; 12:1 pressure ratio
  • Suits 180/220kg grease drums
  • 1/2" BSP Male delivery outlet
  • Up to 20kg/min free flow
  • Heavy Duty


Suits Drum/Container Size: 180-220Kg Drums
Pump Type: Pneumatic
Air Inlet Pressure: 3-7bar / 43-102psi
Pump Outlet: 1/2" BSPM
Pump Max Output Pressure: 84bar / 1220psi
Pump Max Free Flow Rate: 20Kg/min