MECLUBE 90L Upright Oil Drainer


MECLUBE 90L Upright Oil Drainer

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A heavy duty drainer suitable for catching of waste oil on flat floors under elevated vehicles, and also in service pits. This oil drainer suits both automotive & heavy commercial applications. The 20L basin and large draining pipe allow for draining of large sump capacities - staged draining maybe required for large outlets on some engine sumps.

  • 90L Tank capacity with visual level indicator
  • 3 Section tool holder on top of tank unit
  • 20L Recovery basin with extension funnel
  • 360˚ Swivelling funnel
  • 42mm Drainer Shaft for rapid displacement
  • Removable grate to support filters
  • Option addition - connection point with coupling for waste oil pump connection.


Fluid Type: Waste Oil
Tank Capacity: 90L
Outlet Hose: 2m Hose and hook
Basin Dimensions: 760mm x 705mm
Minimum Height: 1200mm
Maximum Height: 1850mm
Duty: Heavy Duty