Pneumatic 20L Oil Pump Kit, Metered Gun


Pneumatic 20L Oil Pump Kit, Metered Gun

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This air operated oil pump kit is specifically designed for dispensing oil from 20L round oil pails with pop-out spouts, makes this kit an essential item for increasing field servicing speed and efficiency. 

A quality air-operated oil pump kit and truly unique product in the market, this kit ensures the spout opening is covered to prevent contamination, and offers a faster alternative to using hand pump dispensing methods for 20L oil pails.

  • 4:1 Pneumatic oil pump
  • 2m Delivery hose
  • Digital Meter Gun with flexible outlet and nozzle (Optional: Mechanical Meter Gun)
  • Carry handle ensuring mobility convenience


Suits Drum/Container Size: 20L
Pump Type: Pneumatic
Air Inlet Pressure: 6-8bar / 85-115psi 
Pump Max Output Pressure: 32bar / 460psi
Pump Max Free Flow Rate: 7L/min
Hose Size & Length: 2m 
Dispensing Nozzle: Digital Metered Gun (Optional: Mechanical Meter Gun)
Duty: Standard
Components: 4:1 Pneumatic Pump, Drum Cover, Metered Gun, 2m Hose