Meclube 4 Way Evacuation Valve, 1" Ports


Meclube 4 Way Evacuation Valve, 1" Ports

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The Meclube 4-way Evacuation Valve can be used for both, extraction and discharge of fluids minimizing the use of multiple valves and hoses for such operations. Simply change the lever position to reverse the flow. This valve is used for waste oil, hydraulic, gear and engine oil, ATF, coolants

  • Simplifies the filling and emptying of tanks
  • Easy installation, eliminating the need for multiple valves
  • Unrestricted flow, no pressure or volume loss
  • Two-position tank fill and emptying control
  • Single pump can provide dual functions.
  • Provide a professional look, reduce pipework & installation time

 1-1/2" & 2" Valves are also available


Port Size: Inlet / Outlet 1" BSP
Max Pressure: 14Bar / 200PSI 
Valve Body: Anodized Steel
Seals: Viton
Weight: 5.5Kg