5:1 Premium Trolley Kit inc HD pre-set gun - suit heavy oils


5:1 Premium Trolley Kit inc HD pre-set gun - suit heavy oils

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A premium mobile oil dispensing unit for medium to heavy oil grades, which delivers efficient transfers of preset quantities via a heavy duty pre-set meter gun.

This Heavy Duty 200L Mobile Oil Dispensing Kit includes a 4 wheel trolley, Meclube 5:1 pneumatic oil transfer pump, 4m dispensing hose, and heavy duty digital pre-set meter gun.
This kit facilitates easy portability of a 200-210L drum of oil in the workshop area, and at the same time offers an easy and efficient means of dispensing the required quantity of oil directly where it is needed.
This kit is designed for applications where high volumes of oil are dispensed, and where rugged equipment is required.
The digital pre-set meter gun allows the user to simply select the quantity of oil required and the kit will dispense this amount.
It can also operate like a standard dispensing gun when a pre-set amount is not required.
This kit is best suited for dispensing high viscosity oils.

  • 4 Wheel trolley with 2 rear swivel wheels.
  • 5:1 Premium pneumatic oil drum pump.
  • 4m Delivery hose.
  • Premium digital pre-set oil meter gun with flexible outlet & auto non-drip nozzle.
  • Heavy duty kit.