DONALDSON High Pressure Filter - 14micron


DONALDSON High Pressure Filter - 14micron

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Donaldson BLACK High Pressure 14micron Filter - designed for pneumatic pump applications, Many other oil filters can not withstand the continual pressure pulsing generated by pneumatic pumps and may fail prematurely.  

The Donaldson HP Black filters provide high efficiency filtration in a single pass, whereas a lot of other filters are designed for circulating systems which require multiple passes to achieve the stated micron cleanliness.  

  • 1000PSI Working Pressure
  • 14 µm @ β2000 Single Pass 
  • 189 LPM Max Flow
  • Suitable for hydraulic, gear, engine & transmission oils
  • Static burst pressure 2200 PSI
  • Extended life filters with high dirt holding capacity
  • Easy disposal with recyclable can and incinerable element
  • Compact design requires only 38mm clearance for servicing