AFC 2:1 Multi-Fluid Pump, Stub Length


AFC 2:1 Multi-Fluid Pump, Stub Length

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An excellent solution for pumping a wide variety of fluids including oil, coolant, adblue, diesel, water, detergents, disinfectants, and various chemicals.

A highly versatile air operated pump which is capable of pumping up to 50L per minute, and can generate enough fluid pressure to still provide good flow through significant piping lengths.
This pump is suited for wall mounting with a suction hose assembly to the fluid container.

  • Stub pump, suits pipe and wall mounting applications
  • Pumps up to 50L/min
  • 3/4" BSPM Outlet (also comes with detachable right angle hose tail adapter)
  • Not suitable for petrol or highly corrosive chemicals 
  • Heavy Duty
  • Made in Italy


Suits Drum/Container Size:  Variable
Pump Type:  Pneumatic
Air Inlet Pressure:  3-7bar / 44-102psi
Pump Outlet:  3/4" BSPM
Pump Max Output Pressure:  14bar / 203psi
Pump Max Free Flow Rate:  50L/min