Hydraulic Pit Jack, 20 Tonne, Twin Ram


Hydraulic Pit Jack, 20 Tonne, Twin Ram

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This 20 tonne heavy duty commercial pit jack incorporates an air-assisted ram retraction system making it well suited for vehicle inspection applications.

The rams on this pit jack are smooth - unlike our HPJ20 pit jack which has a built in mechanical safety system.
This model should be used with an external mechanical safety system such as jack stands, however the configuration of this jack brings it's own advantages with it.
Because the rams are fully sealed, this model offers long ram service life with a minimum of maintenance in harsh applications such as where mud-laden water is dripping off the vehicle above onto the jack, and also includes air-assisted ram retraction for faster retraction time

The hydraulic rams are powered by an internal air over hydraulic pump, meaning that only a compressed air line is required to power the jack.
The jack is supplied with an on-board tool rack to house the ram extensions and the lifting adapters.

The jack can be configured to suit a wide variety of service pit widths, and an assortment of roller systems and attachment options are available also; please contact us for further details on these.

  • 2x 10 Tonne Capacity Rams
  • Heavy Capacity Frame
  • Air assist ram retract
  • Heavy duty rollers with bearings
  • 2x Lifting V Adapters / 2x Lifting Cups / 2x 150mm Extensions / 2x 300mm Extensions
  • Tool Tray on top of oil tank