LUBE PRO 5:1 Wall Mounted Oil Pump Kit


LUBE PRO 5:1 Wall Mounted Oil Pump Kit

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This kit suits applications where the pump cannot be mounted directly on the tank or container, and it is connecting to existing discharge lines.

A wall mount pump kit is designed for sucking oil from a nearby drum or tank, and pumping it into a fixed piping system.
Consisting of a pneumatic Lube Pro 5:1 pump, a pump wall mount bracket, and a drum or tank suction kit, this system is designed to keep the pump and associated incoming air and oil discharge lines away from the tank or drum.
This is particularly useful when changing drums, as changing a suction tube between drums is a lot simpler than changing an entire pump.
This kit is suited for pumping high viscosity oils and low to medium viscosity grades where the pumping distance is greater than specified for our 23226L kit.

  • 5:1 Pneumatic oil stub pump.
  • Suction tube for drums or tank.
  • 2m flexible suction hose.
  • Includes wall mount bracket.
  • Standard duty.


Air Inlet Pressure:  5-8bar / 70-115psi
Pump Max Output Pressure:  40bar / 580psi
Pump Max Free Flow Rate:  14L/min
Duty:  Standard Duty
Components:  5:1 Pump, Wall Mount Bracket, Drum Suction Kit