LUBE PRO Combination Manual/Pneumatic Oil Extractor, 10.5L


LUBE PRO Combination Manual/Pneumatic Oil Extractor, 10.5L

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This combined manual & pneumatic oil suction drainer is suited for a range of oil extraction applications. Suction is created by hand pump or compressed air.

When in the workshop, this unit can be connected to the compressed air line which creates suction via a venturi system, but when away from a source of compressed air the hand pump is used to suck the oil into the reservoir.

When it is full the unit bypasses air to stop the suction and prevent spills.

A seriously versatile little unit which makes fluid extraction a breeze.

  • Manual pump or compressed air powered.
  • 10.5L Reservoir capacity.
  • Comes with a main suction tube plus 2 extensions.
  • Auto-cutoff when unit is full.

CAUTION: Must not be used with highly flammable or corrosive fluids!


Item Type:  Upright-Suction
Drain Type:  Manual or Pneumatic Suction
Tank Capacity:  10.5L
Suction Speed:  1-2L/min
Duty:  Standard Duty