LUBE PRO Combined Gravity & Suction Oil Drainer, 65L


LUBE PRO Combined Gravity & Suction Oil Drainer, 65L

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Designed for both gravity & suction draining, this unit generates suction using compressed air, and includes a transparent oil quality inspection chamber.

Used in automotive workshops to cater for both draining oil via the sump bung, and also for extracting the oil by sucking it from the dipstick tube.
This unit generates venturi suction using compressed air, and the extracted oil accumulates in the inspection chamber, where it can then be released into the main tank below.
The main tank is emptied using compressed air also, which discharges the oil via a 2m hose.

  • Suits both gravity and extraction draining methods.
  • 65L tank capacity.
  • 8L transparent reservior showing volume & quality of oil extracted.
  • Includes 6 different suction probes with quick connector.
  • Suction speed of 1 - 2L/min with warm oil.
  • Gauge displays vacuum pressure.
  • Pneumatic reservoir discharge system through 2m hose.
  • Not for use with corrosive or flammable liquids.


Tank Capacity: 65L
Chamber Capacity: 8L
Collection Bowl Diameter: 400mm
Minimum Height: 940mm
Maximum Height: 1500mm
Suction Speed: 1.5-2L/min
Duty: Heavy Duty