LUBE PRO Electric Diesel Pump Kit, 12-24V - auto nozzle


LUBE PRO Electric Diesel Pump Kit, 12-24V - auto nozzle

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An ultra versatile dual voltage diesel transfer pump kit to cover the vast majority of field diesel dispensing operations.
Has an auto-shutoff nozzle.

This 12V & 24V electric diesel transfer kit is ideal for machinery refuelling where mains power is not readliy available.
This has a dual voltage pump meaning that it can operate on both 12V and 24V systems, making this kit very versatile for refueling different machine types.
The flow rate is higher when used on 24V, due to the higher running speed of the pump.
The 4m hose can be cut into two lengths for suction and delivery as required (the necessary fittings are included).
This kit also includes an automatic shut off delivery nozzle to help avoid spills.
Do away with refuelling by means of heavy fuel containers and funnels, and opt for this easy and safe alternative.

  • Electric self priming vane pump with bypass protection, 12 or 24VDC.
  • 4m Delivery hose.
  • Automatic shut off nozzle.
  • 2m Electric cable with battery terminal clips.
  • 30 Minute duty cycle.


Pump Max Output Pressure: 2bar / 29psi
Pump Max Free Flow Rate: 35 / 70L/min
Hose Size & Length: 3/4" x 4m
Dispensing Nozzle: Auto-Shutoff Fuel Nozzle
Duty: Standard Duty
Components: 12/24VDC Pump, 4m Hose, Auto-Shutoff Nozzle, Fittings