LUBE PRO Electric Oil Transfer Pump, 230V, 40L/min


LUBE PRO Electric Oil Transfer Pump, 230V, 40L/min

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A high flow oil transfer pump suited for quick high volume transfer applications such as tank filling and other pump-over activities.

This 230V single phase oil transfer pump is used for high volume transfers in areas where pneumatic oil pumps cannot be used due to lack of compressed air supply or other reasons.
Suitable for transfer of low to medium viscosity oils, this electric gear pump is self priming, and has an internal bypass valve to prevent motor overloading due to high pressure This allows the pump to continue to operate for a short time with a closed outlet valve.
This pump is commonly used for tank filling applications.
This pump is suitable for clean oil only (not suitable for waste oil).

  • Self priming gear pump with internal bypass valve.
  • Pumps up to 40L/min.
  • 1" BSPF inlet & outlet.
  • Max viscosity 2000cSt.
  • Suction lift 2m.
  • Not suitable for waste oil.
  • Not suitable for Gear Oils or Heavy Oil Grades


Suits Drum/Container Size: Variable
Pump Type: Electric - 230VAC
Pump Outlet: 1" BSPF
Pump Max Output Pressure: 10bar / 145psi
Pump Max Free Flow Rate: 40L/min
Duty: Standard Duty