LUBE PRO Mechanical Diesel Flow Meter, 1"


LUBE PRO Mechanical Diesel Flow Meter, 1"

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A popular mechanical flow meter for diesel & kerosene, which has a maximum flow rate of 120L per minute. Record your dispense quantity with this economical meter.

This diesel flow meter is commonly used on pumped fuel transfer applications, and elevated tanks for gravity fed dispensing.

  • Two totalizers: 1 x 8 digit fixed, 1 x 4 digit resettable.
  • 20 - 120L/min flow rate.
  • 1" BSPF inlet & outlet.
  • Working pressure 0.1 - 3.5bar.


Fluid or Medium Type:  Diesel
Flow Range:  20-120L/min
Pressure Range:  0-3.5bar / 0-50psi
Inlet Connection:  1" BSPF
Outlet Type:  1" BSPF Port
Meter Accuracy:  ±1%
Duty:  Standard Duty