Mobile Self Contained Oil Dispenser, 65L - Pressurised


Mobile Self Contained Oil Dispenser, 65L - Pressurised

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A pressurised dispenser for applications where oil is purchased in small containers, and a tidier and easier dispensing solution is required for workshop use.

This Lube Pro 65L Mobile Oil Dispensing Unit includes a 60L mobile tank, tank pressurising valve, 2m dispensing hose, non-metered gun, and tank filling funnel.
This kit is designed for keeping the workshop area tidy in areas where smaller containers of oil are frequently used, and is best suited to light to medium viscosity oil grades.
Multiple containers can be poured into the tank, and this compact and highly manoeuvrable unit can then be used to dispense as required.
The tank is charged with compressed air up to a max working pressure of 10bar/145psi, and the air can then be disconnected.
This unit can be taken to the dispense location to carry out dispensing without the compressed air connected.

  • 4 Wheel self contained pressure tank with 2 rear swivel wheels.
  • Tank pressurisation valve.
  • 2m Delivery hose.
  • Non-metered gun with flexible outlet & auto non-drip nozzle.
  • Suits light & medium oil grades - not suitable for gear oil.
  • Standard duty kit.