LUBE PRO Rotary Chemical Transfer Pump, Ryton Construction


LUBE PRO Rotary Chemical Transfer Pump, Ryton Construction

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Constructed from Ryton, Teflon, and Polypropylene, this rotary drum pump is suitable for low volume dispensing of numerous different fuels and chemicals.

This rotary action chemical drum pump is designed for pumping a wide variety of fluids.

The pump body is made of Ryton and Teflon, and the suction tube & spout are made of Polypropylene.

Suitable for dispensing many types of corrosive & aggressive chemicals, acids, alkali, hydrocarbons etc, this pump dispenses approximately 300ml per handle rotation.

  • Suits 50 - 210L drums.
  • Dispenses up to 20L/minute.
  • Standard 2" BSPM drum thread adaptor & 3 piece suction tube.
  • Suitable for pumping light & medium oil grades, diesel & kerosene, coolant, water based products, many solvents & chemicals.


Suits Drum/Container Size:  60L - 210L Drum
Pump Type:  Manual Rotary
Pump Outlet:  Spout
Pump Max Free Flow Rate:  300ml/rotation
Duty:  Standard Duty