LUBE PRO Spring Operated ATF Pump, 20L - with 1.5m hose


LUBE PRO Spring Operated ATF Pump, 20L - with 1.5m hose

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This ATF spring pump is a popular choice for dispensing automatic transmission fluid from 20L drums.
Fits a wide variety of 20L container styles.

This 20 litre spring pump for transmission fluid has all the unique and special features of the SP20L, and also features a filter in the body of the dispensing nozzle.
This filter is removable, and provides assurance that foreign particles which may have got into the fluid will not make it into the vehicle transmission.

  • Fits more 20L ATF container types than any other spring pump on the market (additional thread adapter may be required).
  • 250ml per stroke, approx delivery rate.
  • 1.5m Anti-kink dispensing hose with thumb trigger dispensing valve
  • Suction tube can be extended to suit tall containers.
  • Includes handle retaining clip for compact storage when not in use.


Suits Drum/Container Size: 20L Cube - Various Brands
Pump Type: Sprung Piston
Pump Outlet: Hose & Nozzle
Pump Max Free Flow Rate: 250ml/stroke
Duty: Standard Duty