LUBE PRO Spring Operated Oil Pump, 20L - with 1.5m hose


LUBE PRO Spring Operated Oil Pump, 20L - with 1.5m hose

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This oil spring pump is a popular option for dispensing oil from 20L drums. Fits containers others don't & includes capability to add extensions to suction tube

This highly popular spring pump has several unique features which set it apart from other similar pumps on the market.
The suction tube diameter is slightly less than many others, which mean that it fits many containers which other spring pumps cannot, and also it is possible to attach an extension onto the suction tube to allow the pump to reach the bottom of tall containers and completely empty the container before the pump needs to be removed.
Additionally it has a permanent handle retaining clip to hold the sprung piston in a compressed position to allow the container & pump to fit more easily into height restricted spaces in service vehicles.
With a nozzle holder which drains back into the container, this heavy duty little pump is packed with features, and an excellent investment.

  • Fits more 20L container types than any other spring pump on the market (additional thread adapter may be required).
  • Suitable for all oil types.
  • 250ml per stroke, approx delivery rate.
  • 1.5m Anti-kink dispensing hose with thumb trigger dispensing valve.
  • Suction tube can be extended to suit tall containers.
  • Includes handle retaining clip for compact storage when not in use.