LUBE PRO Steel Self Bunded Waste Oil Tank, 2000L


LUBE PRO Steel Self Bunded Waste Oil Tank, 2000L

A premium quality 2,000L double bunded tank which meets or exceeds NZ standards for waste oil storage, and is suitable for outdoor applications.

Manufactured as two tanks in one, these tanks comply with the strict New Zealand legislation which applies to sites with total waste oil storage in excess of 1000L.
In addition to compliance with increasingly enforced regulations, this tank also offers unparalleled functionality for installation, use, and maintenance with forklift friendly base, lifting eyelets on the top, large weatherproof & bunded connections box, included level gauge, leak detection sensor between skins, large manway, and ample tank entry ports.
Enhance both your environmental compliance and the practicality of use with our TSW range of waste oil tanks.

  • 4 x 2" BSP ports inside weatherproof, contained connection box.
  • 2 x 1" BSP interstitial ports (between skins), with leak detection sensor installed in 1 port.
  • Includes level gauge.
  • Large manway for accessing tank.
  • Minimum 110% bund capacity.
  • Premium 2 pack painted finish – custom colours available.
  • Optional: Lifting Eyes

Avoid Liability Issues With Your Waste Oil System


Item Type:  Double Bunded Steel Waste Oil Tank
Tank Capacity:  2000L
Containment Type:  Both Primary & Secondary
Tank Entry Ports:  2" BSPF x 4 (exc level gauge entry). More added on request.
Dimensions (LxWxH):  1620mm x 1255mm x 1350mm* + 160mm for connections box
*Tank dimensions may vary from above, please contact us if requiring exact measurements.

Custom TSW tank sizes and capacities are also available on request.