Meclube Adblue Pump, 12V, 34L/min


Meclube Adblue Pump, 12V, 34L/min

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This 12V electric Adblue transfer pump is suitable for both transfer and dispensing applications. Also suitable for non-aggressive water-based fluids. 

  • Self-priming electric diaphragm pump
  • Pumps up to 34L/min
  • Viton and Stainless Steel components
  • 20 min Duty Cycle
  • 3/4" BSP Hosetails on Inlet/Outlet


Fluid Type: Adblue & for non-aggressive water-based fluids 
Pump Type: 12v electric
Max Pressure: 3 bar / 45psi
Inlet / Outlet: 3/4” Hose Tail 
Motor Protection Rating: IP55
Power: 12VDC, 200W, 20A
Weight: 5kg