MECLUBE Electric Oil Pump, 230V, 30L/min


MECLUBE Electric Oil Pump, 230V, 30L/min

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This rotary vane 230V electric pump has resin vanes and mechanical seals, and guarantees constant reliability even at low temperatures. This pump can be used to transfer huge quantities of lubricants at medium pressure.

This pump has an internal bypass valve to prevent motor overloading due to high pressure This allows the pump to continue to operate for a short time with a closed outlet valve.

  • Self priming rotary vane electric pump with internal bypass valve.
  • Pumps up to 30L/min.
  • 1" BSPF inlet & outlet.
  • 2m power cable
  • Recommend fitting with inline filters to prolong the life of the pump


Suits Drum/Container Size: Variable
Pump Type: Rotary vane electric pump - 230V
Pump Outlet: 1" BSPF
Pump Max Free Flow Rate: 30L/min