MECLUBE Electric Oil Transfer Pump, 12V, 45LPM


MECLUBE Electric Oil Transfer Pump, 12V, 45LPM

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Designed for oil dispensing applications, this electric oil pump is well suited for low pressure transfer of light oils

The ideal pump for conducting oil top-ups or oil changes to vehicles and machinery while out in the field or some other location where mains power and compressed air is not available. 
This 12V pump is self priming, and has an internal bypass valve to prevent motor overloading due to high pressure, and this allows the pump to continue to operate for a short time with a closed outlet valve.

  • 45LPM
  • 1" hose tails
  • 2m connecting cable with battery clips
  • Suitable for light viscosity oils


Pump Pump Max Free Flow Rate: 45LPM
Inlet / Outlet: 1" Hose tails
Duty Cycle:  Max 30min 
Motor Protection Rating: IP55
Power: 12VDC , 192W, 25A
Weight: 7.5kg