Unitop Pneumatic Tank Level Indicator - Remote mounted


Unitop Pneumatic Tank Level Indicator - Remote mounted

The Unitop level indicator allows for the measuring of tank levels from up to 20m from the tank. The Unitop measures the hydrostatic liquid pressure at the tank bottom. The tank height is fully adjustable. Measuring accuracy ±2 % of full scale value. A dual scale facilitates measurements in rectangular tanks (= linear tanks) and cylindrical tanks. The Unitop indicates % of volume so that it is independent of the tank shape. Impact-resistant plastic housing for wall mounting. A vent screw, integrated in the connector, allows you to check the zero setting of the pointer.

The pressure varies according to liquid height and specific gravity of the medium to be measured. The pressure is measured approx. 20 mm above the tank bottom and displayed on the gauge dial.

When operating the pump of the Unitop gauge a pneumatic pressure is built up in the capillary measuring line until that pressure is equal to the liquid head pressure at the bottom of the tank. The pressure created by the pump has displaced the liquid in the capillary tubing inside the tank and the air bubbles out of the end of the standpipe in the tank. 

  • Suits tank heights of 900mm - 3000mm
  • No external power required
  • Durable construction
  • Remote indication of up to 20m


Fluid or Medium Type:  Bio Fuels, Oils & Diesel (density = 0.84 g/cm3)
Indicator Dimensions: W/H/D: 155 x 166 x 73mm
Measuring Accuracy:  ± 2%