Premium 5:1 Wall Mounted Oil Dispensing Kit


Premium 5:1 Wall Mounted Oil Dispensing Kit

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Heavy duty wall mount oil dispensing kit with pneumatic pump, hose reel, digital meter gun, drop tray, & connecting hose, all ready to mount up & start pumping.

This premium quality system includes all the equipment needed for a stationary dispensing system to enable oil dispensing within a 15m radius.
Consisting of a Meclube 5:1 pneumatic pump, 15m swivel mount hose reel with 2m inlet hose, a heavy duty metered dispensing gun, and a wall mount drip tray, this is a solution for many different oil dispensing applications.
The pump is placed into a drum or tank, the reel is fastened to the wall above, and the drip tray is attached to the wall below the reel at a convenient height. When not in use, the gun hangs above the drip tray to catch any drips off the end of the nozzle after dispensing (the gun has an automatic non-drip nozzle to avoid continuous dripping).
This kit is designed for applications where high volumes of oil are dispensed, where heavy duty equipment is required due to demanding environments, or where premium quality equipment is required, and is suitable for all grades of oil.

  • 5:1 Premium pneumatic oil drum pump.
  • 15m Swivel mount retractable hose reel.
  • 2m Reel inlet hose.
  • Premium digital oil meter gun with flexible outlet & auto non-drip nozzle.
  • Wall mount drip tray & gun holder.
  • Heavy duty kit.