Waste Oil & Coolant Pump Assemblies


Waste Oil & Coolant Pump Assemblies

Waste oil pump & filter assembly for transferring waste oil from oil drainers to waste oil tanks. This kit can also be used for waste coolant applications. 

These kits provide an excellent solution for workshops looking to tidy up their waste oil areas. Tank overflow protection kits LAS-01 can also be included, to prevent pump operation once the tank reaches maximum level.

  • Orion anti-race suction pump fitted to mount plate
  • Suction filter with washable stainless steel mesh strainer
  • 2m suction hose with isolating valve and camlock coupler
  • Hose hook for suction hose storage
  • Air filter/regulator for adjusting pump operation pressure
  • Air isolating valve for controlling pump on on/off


Note: These units are priced & setup according your workshops requirements, we can supply different pumps and filter options and configurations, depending on your application - please contact us to discuss.