Waste Oil System with 1000L Plastic Tank, Basin and Pump Kit


Waste Oil System with 1000L Plastic Tank, Basin and Pump Kit

A NZ standards compliant, rain resistant 1,000L waste oil tank & bund for complete with a heavy duty waste oil basin with pump and filter kit.

At 1,000L this tank is the largest plastic waste oil tank allowed under New Zealand's general waste oil storage legislation.
Featuring a large access lid, level indicator float, suction tube & camlock connection for emptying, and all labelling required to satisfy NZ regulations, this economy tank and bund assembly is used for waste oil storage in many small to medium sized workshop applications.

The waste oil basin has integrated suction hosing from the base, as well as an auxillary hose for sucking from other oil drain vessels, plus an inline waste oil filter and piston pump for transferring to the waste oil tank, and a tank overflow protection kit LAS-01 can also be included as an optional addition. 

This kit includes 10m of delivery hosing from pump to tank, including end connection fittings and provides an excellent solution for workshops looking to tidy up their waste oil areas.

For sites requiring more than 1,000L of waste oil storage, see our range of steel tanks here.

  • 1 x 2" BSP spare port in top of tank.
  • Suction assembly with camlock.
  • Level indicator float.
  • Large access lid.
  • Drain tray insert inside access lid for preventing large objects from getting into tank.
  • Minimum 110% bund capacity.
  • 250L capacity basin
  • Basin dimensions LWH (mm) 1150 x 650 x 800 at front, 1200 at back
  • Heavy duty removeable mesh
  • Different pump options and configurations available 

Avoid Liability Issues With Your Waste Oil System