Air Line Filter / Pressure Regulator, 3/8"


Air Line Filter / Pressure Regulator, 3/8"

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A high flow unit for compressors which provides pressure regulation & filtration of particles & moisture. Reduces down stream air line moisture build up.

All air compressors which are not connected to an air dryer should have a pressure regulator and a water trap filter on the outlet, and also at low points in the workshop distribution piping for the protection of the pipework, and the connected equipment. It provides particle filtration also.
This high flow unit is designed for fitting to systems with small to medium sized compressors, or to pneumatic equipment which requires a high air flow.

  • Supplies clean air to pneumatic equipment.
  • Reduces condensate & particle content in compressed air.
  • Regulates air pressure supplied to equipment.
  • 3/8 inch Ports.
  • Includes wall mount bracket.
  • Auto drain valve prevents build up of water in filter bowl.