LUBE PRO Air Grease Gun 400g, continuous flow


LUBE PRO Air Grease Gun 400g, continuous flow

A 400g air operated, continuous flow grease gun for fast greasing in applications where low overall grease volume is required.

This is a continuous flow grease gun which means that while there is limited back pressure, the trigger button can be held down and it will continuously deliver grease.
As the pressure rises, the continuous flow will slow down, and from that point grease can be delivered at high pressure by pulsing the trigger button which will cause the gun to deliver a shot each time the trigger button is pulsed (like a single shot gun).

  • Continuous flow operation at low pressure.
  • Suits 400g cartridges and bulk fill.
  • Comes with rigid outlet spout & 4 jaw coupler.
  • Light weight.


Suits Drum/Container Size: 400g Grease Cartridge
Pump Type: Pneumatic
Air Inlet Pressure: 5-8bar / 70-115psi
Pump Max Output Pressure: 320bar / 4640psi
Pump Max Free Flow Rate: 2.5g/shot
Dispensing Nozzle: Rigid Outlet with 4 Jaw Coupler
Duty: Standard Duty