LUBE PRO Manual Lever Action Grease Kit, 18/20KG


LUBE PRO Manual Lever Action Grease Kit, 18/20KG

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This manually operated lever action grease kit facilitates easy manual greasing direct from a 18 - 20Kg grease pail.

An economical and portable manual grease kit which is suited for dispensing grades of grease up to NLGI 2.

  • Manual lever action grease delivery pump.
  • Pump mounts directly onto 18 - 20Kg grease pail.
  • Maximum pressure approx 5,000psi.
  • Delivers approx 4 grams per stroke.
  • Includes follower plate.


Suits Drum/Container Size:  18-20Kg Drums
Pump Type:  Lever Action
Pump Max Output Pressure:  345bar / 5000psi
Pump Max Free Flow Rate:  4g/stroke
Hose Size & Length:  1/4" x 1.8m
Dispensing Nozzle:  Control Valve
Duty:  Standard Duty
Components:  Pump, Drum Cover, Follower Plate, 1.8m Hose, Control Valve