LUBE PRO Pistol Grease Gun, 400g, 8,000psi


LUBE PRO Pistol Grease Gun, 400g, 8,000psi

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A 400g pistol action grease gun, with a maximum delivery pressure of up to 8,000psi.

This pistol grip grease gun is a high quality unit which is built for high usage applications and industrial environments.

  • Suits 400g cartridges and bulk fill.
  • Comes with flexible outlet hose & 4-jaw coupler.
  • 8,000psi max pressure.
  • Comes with air bleed valve & bulk fill nipple.


Suits Drum/Container Size: 400g Grease Cartridge
Pump Type: Pistol Action
Pump Max Output Pressure: 550bar / 8000psi
Hose Size & Length: 1/8" x 300mm
Dispensing Nozzle: Flexible Hose with 4 Jaw Coupler
Duty: Standard Duty