MECLUBE Pneumatic Grease Kit, 60:1, 50Kg


MECLUBE Pneumatic Grease Kit, 60:1, 50Kg

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This heavy duty pneumatic grease dispensing kit is a popular choice for commercial greasing applications from 50Kg drums with a 335-365mm internal diameter.

Specifically designed for commercial and industrial workshops and other applications which are high usage or require high grease dispensing pressure.
This unit is suited for grease drums with a maximum internal diameter of 335 - 365mm. For larger drums, please use the 15145M kit.

  • Pneumatic pump; 60:1 pressure ratio.
  • Includes drum cover & follower plate.
  • 4m Dispensing hose.
  • Includes dispensing handpeice & Z swivel.
  • Heavy Duty.


Air Inlet Pressure: 6-8bar / 85-115psi
Pump Outlet: 1/4" BSPM
Pump Max Output Pressure: 480bar / 6960psi
Pump Max Free Flow Rate: 1600g/min
Hose Size & Length: 1/4" x 4m
Dispensing Nozzle: Control Valve
Duty: Heavy Duty
Components: Pump, Drum Cover, Follower Plate, 4m Hose, Z Swivel, Control Valve