Quick Release Grease Coupler, 4 Jaw, 1/8" BSP


Quick Release Grease Coupler, 4 Jaw, 1/8" BSP

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This heavy duty quick release grease coupler clamps onto the nipple and allows hands free greasing. Decoupling is possible at high pressures.

Do away with issues getting the grease coupler on or off the grease nipple with this innovative product!
Simply click it onto the nipple, then release it when done by using the release lever.
This coupler is very robust - partly due to the design utilising normal coupler jaws. This means that the jaws are much harder wearing than some other quick release grease couplers on the market.
This is a very compact unit with DIN standard outer diameter of 15mm, making it suitable for greasing in tight locations.

  • 4 Jaw coupler.
  • 1/8" BSP thread.
  • Decoupling possible at pressures over 600bar.
  • Heavy duty unit.
  • Made in Germany.